JG 52

Flown by Erich Hartmann

Enlisting in the Luftwaffe in October 1940, Hartmann flew over 1,400 missions and earned the title of highest scoring ace of all time. With 352 lkills, he flew several variances of the 109.

Illustrated on this panel is his personal bleeding heart emblem with his wife's nick name and 'Karaya' written beneath it.

18x 40" $255.00




Bf-109E-4 W.Nr. 5819

JG 26

Flown by Obstlt. Adolf Galland

Kommodore of JG 26 December 1940. The first of three 109's displaying the Schlageter Geschwader insignia and Galland's personal 'Mickeymaus' emblem. Galland became the Wehrmacht's youngest General at the age of 30 with 104 victories and claimed to have the only cigar lighter equipped 109 in the Luftwaffe. This is the second of his E model.

A Multi-piece panel in RLM colors.

18x40" $255.00



Flownn by Oberleutanant Günther Rall

Immediately after Rall's 36 enemy kill in the Soviet eastern front, he was shot down and found himself with his spinal column broken in three places. Partially paralyzed, doctors told him he would never fly again. Nine mounths later, Rall was in the cockpit of 109s. He survived the war with 275 victories and frequently makes appearences in the US.

This is one of Rall's Me-109s, Black 13 with the III group emblem. He was also shot down in this a/c by the 56FG.

18"x40" $255.00

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