Q: How big are they?

A: The average size is 18"h x 40"w. They vary in shape which in effect changes the overall size.


Q: How do I hang them?

A: There are two D-rings rivited to the back of each panel making them ready to hang from any wall surface with a standard size nail or screw. There are also two methods to display your panel. First there is the relatively inexpensive Framed Plaque. They are $195.00 each. Then there is the Shadow Box. Usually reserved for the Limited Edition Flying Tiger Panel, a similar Shadow Box can made for any of our panels for $455.00.


Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Provided that we have the references for the art work and unit info, we have and can do a perticular piece depending the degree of difficulty. The price will be higher than our standard designs. Call 434-985-7802 for a price quote.


Q: How do you know what colors to use?

A: A lot of research went into every panel. Most of the reference photos are Black and white, but there are some good quality color photos availible as well. We were able to determine from several aircraft that have been photographed with both b/w and color and match them to actual FS color chips. The variances between the shades of grey to their color version and the type films available for that time period is also taken into consideration. There are times when we ask the actual pilots themselves for details. For base coating, we use the Federal Standard colors for USA, RLM for Germany, and RAF for England and the UK. Most of the paint being mixed specifically for our products


Q: What are they made of?

A: They are made of Aircraft grade aluminum and we use two sizes in thickness..032in. and .050in. They are also based on the actual panels from the aircraft represented.


Q: How long does it take to make one?

A: We try to keep the popular pieces in stock but pinups and customs can take from 3-8 weeks.

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