Big Hog

F4U-1A BuNo 17640


Flown by LT. CO .Tommy Blackburn

The unit responsible for getting the Corsair approved for Carrier use in the Navy.

Although the unit insignia was painted on the cowling and Big Hog on the tail, we illustrate them on our panel which is located beneath the port windscreen.

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Jolly Rogers

F4U-1A BuNo 55995


Flown by Lt. (jg) Ira C. Kepford

Kepford's 2nd Corsair adorned 16 confirmed kills on both sides of the fuselage which makes him the U.S. Navy's top Corsair Ace.

VF-17 was a Carrier based unit but spent most of its time on Bougainville.

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F4U-1A BuNo ...86


Flown by Maj. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington

Boyington actually never flew this Corsair in combat. It was prepared for this photo to illustrate his victories for publicity as he became more popular. There were no aircraft assigned to the "Black sheep" therefore no markings other than kill flags were adhered to the fuselage.

New information has been published that reveals Boyington had a lover named Lucy Malcolmson which on further inspection of the photo, supports the name Lucybelle. See our Limited Edition version with 3 signatures on this panel.

18x28" $225.00

 The reference photos on this page are strictly used for identification purposes only.

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