Enola Gay

B-29 44-86292

393BS, 509CG

On 6th of August 1945, Col Paul Tibbetts flew the B-29 "Enola Gay to Hiroshima, Japan where Maj. Thomas Ferebee released the first Atom bomb at 8:15:17a.m. in hope to end the war with Japan.

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Bocks Car

B-29 44-27297

393BS, 509CG

The second mission to Nagasaki happened 3 days later from the Hiroshima mission. Bocks Car, piloted by Maj. Charles W. Sweeney, carried "Fat Man" which was released by Kermit K. Beahan. The black "Fat Man" mission symbols denote 'Pumpkin' missions while the red ones are for 'Atomic'.

An elaborate piece

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Lucky Lady

B-29 42-24863

504BG, 313BW

This B-29 flew from Tinian and shared its field with the 509BG. Lucky Lady participated in 13 mine -laying missions and in Korea flew at least another 10 missions.
The nose art appeared on both sides with the girl's face slightly different from one another. There are several photos that confirm this.

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