B-17G-15-BO 42-31353

322BS, 91BG, 8th AF

This aircraft participated in the first large daylight raid on Berlin on 6 March 1944. It was later passed on to the 323BS in early April and subsequently downed by flak over 'Big B' on April 29. Only half the crew survived. The art work was done by Tony Starcer modelled after the September 1943 Varga calendar girl.

18"x40" $455.00

Miami Clipper

B-17F-70-BO 12-29815

322BS, 91BG, 8th AF

Another 91stBG a/c painted by Starcer, was named after a famous East coast railroad express train. This B-17 completed its last mission on 23 March, 1944, after which it was flown back to the states and sold for scrap at Walnut Ridge on 9 January, 1945.

18"x40" $455.00

Carolina Moon

B-17G-75-BO 43-37907

851BS, 490BG, 8th AF

This Fortress arrived at Eye on 2 July, 1944 and passed on to a second crew in December who in addition to the name added wives and girlfriends names to the crews positions. This a/c was credited to downing an Me-262 jet fighter by its gunners. The B-17 survived the war and was flown back to the US in mid-1945 and was sold as scrap at Kingman in December of that year.

18"x40" $425.00 (wing not included)

Pist'L Packin' Mama

B-17G 42-37779

324BS, 91BG, 8th AF

Assigned to crew chief of the "Memphis Belle", completed its 25 missions and survived the war.

18"x40" $425.00

Nine O Nine

B-17G 42-31909

323BS, 91BG 8th AF

This B-17 completed 140 missions without once having to turn back for mechanical reasons.

The Collings Foundation is currently flying their B-17 in these markings today in airshows nation wide.

18x40" $425.00


B-17G 42-107030

322BS, 91BG 8th AF


Fifinella flew 54 sorties before being lost on 13th August, 1944 on a tactical mission in support of the Allied ground forces. The target was a railway bridge at Le Manoir, France, and 1Lt Thomas Smith's crew flew the plane as lead. It was the 16th mission the crew had flown in Fifinella and most of the crew‚ 20th mission. Just prior to bombs away the ship took a direct hit in the cockpit and fire broke out. Smith held the plane steady, staying with the formation to bomb.

Pilot Thomas P. Smith, Jr. was killed in action but kept the plane going long enough for the rest of the crew to bail out safely. Charles Sturgeon, Delmer Spears, and Robert Bell were taken prisoner and remained POWs until war’s end. The rest of the crew were rescued by the French underground and found their way back to England.

18x40" $375.00

Our Gal Sal

B-17G 42-31767

351BS, 100BG 8th AF

Seen here in the summer of '44 with sixty missions and two enemy fighters destroyed. She has survived over a hundred combat missions to be returned to the U.S. a year later.

I was informed by a crew member that the art work was actually painted on canvas, cut out and doped on to the fuselage.

18x40" $425.00

Piccadilly Lilly II

B-17G 42-37800

351BS, 100BG 8th AF

This ship flew 39 missions and flew off the runway on its 40th take-off. The airframe was damaged and was declared salvage on 27 June, 1944.

18x40" $375.00

Memphis Belle

B-17F 41-24485

324BS, 91BG 8th AF

Flown by Robert K. Morgan, this was the first B-17 to compleate 25 missions in the 91BG. During its service, it accounted for 8 enemy planes shot down, 5 probables and damage to 12 others.

Not yet painted under the mission markers are the swatika's denoting the kills in the upper left photo.

18x40" $325.00

 The reference photos in this page are strictly used for identification purposes only.

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