Cripes A'Mighty

Flown by Major George Preddy, CO.

328FS, 352FG

This is Preddy's last P-51 before his death on Christmas Day, 1944. He had shot down two Me-109's southwest of Koblenz and then turned to dive on a FW-190 on the deck. He flew into American anti-aircraft fire and took fatal hits before plunging into the ground.

Preddy was the war's top scoring Mustang ace with 26.83 aerial, 3 probable and 4 damaged. A stylised barber pole was painted on the right nose cowl to reflect on the part-time 'career' of his crew chief.

Extensive research was done to find the correct colors for the group. Collaborating with group members for details, a good match was found. At least two shades of blue paint was supplied by the Brittish for the nose cowls. The latter being the lighter shade. The barber pole was on the other side, but illustrated here for good measure.

18"x40" $345.00



Cripes A'Mighty 3rd
P-51D 413321

Flown by Major George Preddy

487 FS, 352FG

This was Preddy's 3rd Mustang. This Blue-noser had the original color painted on the nose. It is not known weather the group ran out of this color or a change was voted on for a lighter one.

40"x18" $365.00

Big Beautiful Doll

P-51D 44-72218


Flown by Col. John D. Landers

78th FG, 8th AF

While flying P-40's in the Pacific with the 49th FG, Landers scored six victories before being posted to the 8th Air Force in Europe where he was credited with 14.5 confirmed kills and a further 20 ground victories. His impressive scoreboard adorned almost a dozen airframes during his career.

Our P-51 panel depicts most of the colors and art work painted on his last aircraft. Note the name on the canopy are two different colors.

18x40" $285.00



Deblinski Squadron

Mustang MkIII FB387

Flown by Sqn. Ldr. Eugeniusz Horbaczewski

OC No 315 Deblinski Sqn. RAF

Five of his sixteen and a half victories were in this Mustang. The four Swastikas with silhouetted V-1's indicates buzz bombs downed. On 18 August, 1944, Horbaczewski proclaimed his last score - three Fw 190's but failed to return from the mission.

Our panel depicts all the colors and art work of his aircraft.

18x40" $345.00



Nooky Booky

P-51K 44-11622

Flown by Captain Leonard "Kit" Carson

362nd FS, 357th FG 8thAF

The premiere ace of the 357th FG with 18.5 aerial victories and 3.5 more by strafing. The bulk of his score was achieved in this, his fourth Mustang during the last six months of the war, including 5 in one sortie. Most of the unit's aircraft were camouflaged until December 1944.

Our panel depicts all the colors and art work, although they are on different locations of the aircraft. Note that there are 3 more kills marked on the bottom left photo.

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P-51B 43-6913

Flown by Cpt. Don Gentile

336th FS, 4thFG 8th AF

Rejected from pilot training by the USAAC, Gentile followed the example of his many compatriots and enlisted with the RCAF. His first kill was in a Spitfire with No.133 Eagle Squadron. Gentile transferred to the USAAF with his squadron in September 1942, closing the war with an impressive 27.16 kills, 19.83 of which were in P-51's

Our panel well represents all the colorful markings used by Gentile on his aircraft.

18x40" $375.00



Petie 2nd

P-51D 44-14151

Flown by Lt. Col. John Meyer

487FS, 352FG 8th AF

After flying P-40's and scoring three victories in a P-47, his first Mustang named Lambie II, and then Petie, was where he scored most of his kills in. Petie 2nd, was Meyer's mount for only ywo victories and scored more in another P-51D, Petie 3rd. He was reassigned as Deputy Group Commander in November 1944. Meyer claimed two Mig-15 kills in Korea before retireing as a General in 1974.

An accurate depiction of their unit insignia. Meyer's name on the canopy has been changed for some unknown reason.

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Ridge Runner III

P-51D 44-72308

Flown by Maj. Pierce 'Mac' McKennon

335FS, 4th FG 8thAF

Washed out from USAAF training, he joined the RCAF and eventually reached a Spitfire squadron based in Britain. After being transferred to the USAAF in November 1942, he was shot down twice. McKennon avoided capture the first time and was smuggled out by the French Resistance. The second time, one of his pilots landed and flew him back to Debden on his lap! His final Mustang carried 11 aerial victories and 9.68 strafing kills along side an Arkansas razorback rushing past two parachutes.

An interesting piece. Optional stencil block info to the right of the art work.

18x40" $325.00



Detroit Miss

P-51D 44-14164

Flown by 1st Lt. Urban Drew

357FS, 361FG 8thAF

Drew scored six aerial victories and one single strafing l kill including two Me 262's down in a single mission. This unique feat earned him a belated Air Force Cross awarded on 12 May 1983. His second tour was in the Pacific with the 414th Fighter Group.

We're hoping to make this panel into a Limited Edition piece with Drew's signature in the near future.

18x40" $275.00


P-51D 44-13318

Flown by Maj. Tom Hayes

364FS, 357FG 8AF

Hayes flew an early D model without a fin fillet. Serving one tour in the Pacific theater and 2 victories, Hayes was transferred to Yoxford, England in 1944 where he added 9 more victories to his score within a total of 85 missions. He remained in the Air Force after the war and retired as Brigadier General in 1970.

We had to re-arrange the elements to fit on this panel. A P-51 is with the same markings is currently flying on the air show circuit today.

18x40" $355.00

Old Crow

P-51D-10-NA 44-14450

Flown by Captain Clarence 'Bud' Anderson

362FS, 357FG, 8AF

This his last P-51 was originally in OD green and neutral gray and later stripped to bare metal, though retaining its invasion stripes. Anderson ended the war with 16.25 aerial victories.

18x40" $245.00


 The reference photos on this page are strictly used for identification purposes only.

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