Limited Edition

Artist Series


LTD. ED. Artist Signature Series

Heavenly Body

B-24J-50-CO 42-73484

400BS, 90BG

The original artist, Joe Di Mauro (name visible above "HEAVENLY") was Shad Shaddox's Nose Gunner in the 43rd BG, 64th BS for which this aircraft also served in before being transferred to the 90th BG.


This is the first in this series and includes serial numbers stamped into the metal, artist signature, phot documentation and a COA. They will be numbered consecutively up to 200.


LTD. ED. Artist Signature Series

Naval Body

PB4Y-2 BuNo 59406


These PB4Y-2 Privateers had radar and radar counter measuring equipment shown here as blisters.

Quite the elaborate piece. We added the name and a kill flag to this panel for balance.

$725.00 Ltd. Ed. Artist Series, signed and numbered by the artist.

B-24J Ding How Dottie

308th BG

Signed and numbered.



World's oldest flying B-24 operated by the
CAF HQ. By commission, Gary Velasco re-designed this art and painted it on the B-24
and is currently flying throughout the country.


Signed and numbered.