Enola Gay

One of the most historic events in human history, August 6th, 1945 was the day pilot Lt. Col. Paul Tibbets and crew flew the Enola Gay over Hiroshima, Japan. At precisely 9.15:17 Tinian time, Lt Tom Ferebee released the worlds first Atom Bomb in hope that it would bring war in the Pacific to a close. Refusing to give up, a second Atomic bomb was released on Nagasaki 3 days latter from Maj. Sweeney's crew "Box Car". On 21 November,1998 Velasco Enterprises meet up with Tibbets and Ferebee and signed these fine panels to mark that fateful day.

Limited Edition production run of 50 panels

Signed by: Paul W. Tibbets and Thomas Ferebee

Price per panel 25"x 26" $1,300.00 SOLD OUT

We will be doing another LTD ED run w/NAV. Dutch Van Kirk and Weapons ENG. Jepson in 2008!

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