Our Fw 190 panel is an oversized multi-piece panel with working doors. 


Fw 190D-9

JG 6

Flown by Gerhard Barkhorn

Second highest scoring ace of WWII with 301 victories. became Kommodore of JG 6 in early 1945. Named after his wife, his 190 had the usual RLM 81/82 upper surfaces camo with RLM 76 on the sides and underneath. The small #5 aft of the chevron was used to note his fifth aircraft and dates back to his Bf 109F when in JG 52.

Our panel has working step and hand doors!

18x46" $425.00


Fw 190A-8

JG 26

Flown by Josef "Pips" Priller

A true 'character' of the Jagdwaffe here in his third 190. He accumulated 101 victories, 40 of them in the Western Front. His personal emblem adorned all of his aircraft and depicts his wife's name Jutta on the ace-of-hearts. Standard RLM74/75/76 paint are used on this aircraft.

Working step and hand doors. Bullet holes additionl optional(really).

18x46" $425.00

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