P-47 No Guts - No Glory
78th FG, 82nd fs

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Capt Benjamin I. Mayo

CO 82FS and 84FS

4 aerial and 2.5 ground victories

As can be seen here, the paint is badly faded and chipped on the name box. The 2 kill swasticas have also faded and taken on a pinkish look.

Note the green anti-glare panel is lower than the original and should have been painted from the edge of the windscreen window.

A close-up of the faded paint on the lettering.

A better view of the name box. Its a bit crude and there are some errors in the name spellings. The correct names are as follows;



Capt B. I. Mayo


S/Sgt J. E. Tudor


Cpl A. T. Christensen


Cpl R. L. Thuot


It is possible that the artist that did it some years ago in the UK did not have a clear photo to reference the name correctly.

Here is the finished name box accurately reproduced as it appeared in WWII.

Working on the names detail from an enlarged photo beneath my right hand which also kept my palm from making an impression in the freshly painted name below.


At this point, the only thing left was the red outline on the lower name half of "No Glory". The 2 kills are done.

The finished art work.

It is also noted that the overall "No Guts - No Glory" lettered name is not angled perpendicular and itaicsized correctly as it should be and the lettering is a bit thinner than the original. I could have not corrected this because the plane is painted in silver. Masking just the affected panel areas to re-paint the base silver and correct the name to scale would have been more costly and the owner just wanted it freshened up. there was also the chance that the the silver flake paint might not match perfectly and then it would have looked obvious.



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