Take-Off Time

B-25 from the 2nd Weather Recon Sq.




Several originl photos in my collection of this a/c were used for reference since no others could be found eleswhere.

The first step was to apply paint mask since I decided to spray the Red lettering color for logetivity and eveness to the name. I then scaled up the design by eye and sketched out the pin-up and 8" letters accordingly. This took about 2 hours.


After the sketch, I cut the letters out and arranged them as templates for the other side.

Now the entire nose section was covered in poly ready for spraying red color.


Day 2

The Red is dry, poly and masking is removed. I will then re-sketch the pin-up details and mix up a flesh tone for the base coat areas.


The left side was also prepared for base coat.


Note the two .50 cal guns and pods were removed from its exterior.


The basic base coat is done and the masking can now be removed.


The left side.

With the Pin-up reversed, the lettering had to be re-placed slightly to compensate the element reversal. It realy is not noticeable.


Day 3

Here I have done the black outline on the lettering and the blending detail is finished on the pin-up.

The photo reference is a K. O. Munson design and is similar to that on the original plane. The actual Munson design could not be found. The only differences were the neglege, face and hand placements.


Day 4

Detailling the face a bit more and finishing the black teddy.


It is noted thet the original Take-Off Time "girl's" face was asian. At Tom Duffy's request, I changed the face to suit more like the Munson design but not exactly.


Day 5

The completed left side complete with pilot names. Since this was a Weather ship, I also took liberty in adding clouds with lightning bolts outlined in dark blue serving as missions.

It is not known what if anthing was painted on this side. All of the wartime photos of this a/c showed the right side art perhaps indicating that this side was only side painted. However, I did find another photo of the squadron's insignia on a B-25. There were three flights in this squadron which could have had as many as 9 B-25s.


Please email me if more info is found.


End of the day. Group shot; L-R, Gary, Terry Rush, Tom Duffy and Tony Bader.